June is here and summer is right around the corner! That means the weather is great for fun in the sun, for a lot of us.  Many of us buy our sunscreen from the local drugstore, while many others are looking at Pinterest and various other websites for DIY ideas.


Here are the facts:

It’s an FDA requirement that each finished formulation of sunscreen or sunblock undergo strict SPF testing in order to claim a UV rating.  It’s not as simple as adding up all of the ingredients you believe to have an SPF factor, in order to reach your desired value of protection.

Carrot seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, coconut oil, etc. will not protect your skin from UV/UB rays, as they contain no SPF. Please don’t be deceived by believing what you see on Pinterest, or in some cases, the information your upline tells you.

It’s really unnerving to view posts/blogs from people who claim essential oils are great to use as sun protection.  Essential oils not only have no meaningful SPF value, some are also phototoxic, and can cause a serious burn, which can lead to skin cancer when exposing the area to UV rays.  That’s not something to mess with!

Words of warning: By suggesting that essential oils, carrier oils, etc., can be used as an alternative to commercial sunblock/sunscreens- You may find that you opened yourself up for a civil, and/or federal lawsuit! Yep! That’s right! Sunscreen and sunblock are classified as drugs; therefore, when you suggest that sunscreen can be replaced by using essential oils you’re making a false and misleading medical claim that can put others in harm’s way!

Protect yourself and your family! Do your research, and wear sunscreen!  And always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.